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That’s me when I have longer hair hah!

Hello there! I’m Reirotic, webcomic creator of “Unearthing Hope”.  This is my first webcomic ever published online. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with you all my work. I get to learn a lot about comic making and definitely be more appreciative of its process. I’ve always wanted to create a story about the goodness of life, so my webcomic “Unearthing Hope” is about that in a fantasy setting. Join Wauyn, the main protagonist in the story, and unravel mysteries of life through laughter and tears. Please enjoy reading “Unearthing Hope”!

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the comic released?
It was first released on Webtoon around Feb, 2019. I don’t work as a full-time comic artist yet so I used my free time to finish every episode.

Is there a weekly schedule yet?
As of before, there really isn’t one. I am planning to make it a weekly update as it’s good for readership. To do that, I’m still in the buffer stage where I have to finish the storyboard for season one of the comic. It’s exciting to accomplish such a feat, but very challenging what with my story being a long narrative of at least 60 panels per episode.

Can I send you a fanart?
Oh heck yes! Just link it to me or @mention me on two of the social media that I’m on: Twitter and Instagram. I genuinely love them and will feature every one of them in the next episode of my comic. Thank you so much for sending your love! I’m very grateful and appreciative of the effort!

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