Wauyn Nyll returns back to his home in Ranow after a decade of study at the renowned Crimson Academy. In that span of time, he pursued the path of Crimson Alchemist that serves to help make people’s life better. He likes marigold and has a keen admirer at ducks. He’s not a fan of reading the news, but he does enjoy a good storytelling.

Lady Pom Pom is one of the ‘Primastic Showdown’ heroes that defeated a potential threat in Ranow. She has a rare pink conch pearl and glows wildly when she uses her ability. From earlier episodes, she can manipulate people’s mind with close physical contact. However, she doesn’t abuse her power as a mean to exploit people. She was born as a very short person and gets annoyed when people starts throwing negative remarks about her height. In her free time, she enjoys a good tea time and nice cake.

Stefan Oatt moved to Ranow after the ‘Prismatic Showdown’ incident. He opened a bakery with his cousin, Stacy, and has been doing quite well there. No one can’t get enough of his cakes. He is quite soft-spoken, and shies himself from crowds where he can. But when his friends are in need, his punches are powerful enough to send his foes flying. He aspires to make people everywhere happier place with his baking.

Ken Wakefield is Wauyn’s childhood friend. Although he has become one of the ‘Prismatic Showdown’ heroes as well, he does not use his gem often to gain an upper-hand. He is a very skilled fighter, and strikes his foes with such celerity that they don’t know what’s coming to them. He likes spending his time doing physical training and learning new fighting techniques. He has a nature of taking things too seriously, that his friends often joked that he should loosen up a bit.

Cassie Nova, one half of the ‘Star Thieves’ duo. No one knows where she is from, but she can usually be found trying to pull a con on someone. Although these attempts rarely succeed, she believes that practice makes perfect. Her motives in doing these acts is unknown, but her sidekick Orion can always be found beside her. She is very stubborn when it comes to giving up, and will always give it her all to get what she wants. She has her own iconic way of laughing, that she thinks exerts authority.

Orion Warming, one half of the ‘Star Thieves’ duo. He is the voice of reasoning in the team, but isn’t good at expressing his concern when things go awry. Although he appears disinterested in everything Cassie dragged them to do, he’s never abandons her, even when things get messy. He’s an avid reader in his free time, and can be a know-it-all which annoys Cassie. Not much is known about his abilities, other than his quirky remarks in any given scenario.